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For the contact phone number you may enter a DSN, a commercial or a cell phone number. Please be as specific as possible when describing your event.

Note reoccurring dates in the Event/Program Details section; specify if the event occurs daily, weekly or monthly.

Not an FSS Facility?
Please contact Studio 316 at (301) 981-9440 or at [email protected] for rates prior to submitting a ticket.

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Marketing Requests
must be submitted 45-60 days prior to event or publicity date. Please allow up to 2 weeks for your request to be processed.

Sponsorship Requests
must be submitted 6 months prior to the event date. Sponsorship is only to be used by NAF facilities. Sponsorship is not guaranteed.

(Please click here in order to fill in the Sponsorship Request Form Please fill it out and send it to the Sponsorship coordinator.

After Action Report
are required by facilities that were supported with Sponsorship. Reports are to be submitted within 7 business days after the event has taken place.

(Please click here for a After Action Report)

Studio 316
is an external print service for non - Force Support Squadron customers. The FSS mission is our primary duty and we reserve the right to decline or postpone your work order.

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No kidding

Please ensure that flight chiefs and/or appropriate leadership are aware of your request prior to placing a ticket. This includes both marketing and sponsorship requests.

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Event Start- and End Time (If Applicable)
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Demographics help to determine your brand message. Knowing your demographics helps Marketing target products and services to your most important customers. We can further help with analytics, statistics and surveys to better understand your sales process.
List in-kind items and quantities. N/A if not requesting In-Kind
$ Amount requested to enhance event, not for basic event funding.
Suggested Vendors you feel may fit or who have expressed an interest: Name, product, contact info (include e-mail & phone number)
Which of these is not an animal: chicken, spider, shirt
Before submitting please make sure of the following
  • All necessary information has been filled out.
  • All information is correct and error-free.
  • If this request is not submitted by an FSS facility; I understand this is a fee based service
  • As an FSS facility/program, I understand that my request may be a fee based service.
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